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As a firm, we strive to deliver to our clients financial planning that incorporates innovation through non-traditional concepts and approaches, advanced planning for complex financial scenarios, or even the bare bone fundamentals that often go over-looked.

Brian Campagna

Over the next decade, nearly 30 million baby boomers will turn 65. These new retirees are also expected to live longer than past generations.

Baby boomers now have time to pursue personal interests such as travel, new hobbies, and volunteering but they lack the financial plan, the money or the courage to do so.

TCG has made the conscious decision to work within the community we know and love to help an ever-growing demographic who is being underserved. We don’t look to replace your current advisor, rather add new key players to your team and help coordinate your financial plan to work together, not against each other. We find most of our clients want to leave their business or inheritance to their kids, but play down these ideas because they are concerned about not having enough money to live their own retirement dreams.


The Campagna Group (TCG) is an advanced planning team at Pacific Capital Resource Group, Inc. comprised of experienced financial advisors who specialize in retirement income planning, business planning, and estate planning. Whether you’re a business owner growing or transitioning your business to a family who is approaching retirement or estate planning, The Campagna Group is here to provide solutions to help you, and those incomes and lives that depend on you, create and navigate a roadmap to financial freedom. 
Pacific Capital Resource Group, Inc. (PCRG) exemplifies these four words by doing business with the highest of ethical standards that have allowed PCRG to become a regional leader in financial services and design implementation. With nearly 100 advisors and wealth strategists, PCRG delivers top tier service to thousands of clients nationwide.

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